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Strong Colosseum

Aboveground Pool

Aboveground Pool - Strong Colosseum Pool

Today you can enjoy the same luxurious privileges the Romans did in your own lavish Strong Colosseum pool. There is nothing like the Colosseum Pool in style and appearance. Its unparalleled fit and finish makes this pool easy to look at and will provide your family with many years of enjoyment.


  • Massive 12” top ledges and 12” vertical posts are forge-cast from authentic granite resin
  • The massive granite top ledge has a skid resistant texture and a slight inward slope making it self-draining, which helps prevent water loss
  • Double wall top and bottom tracks are extruded from tough PVC resin to provide rigid rustproof tracks for the perimeter of the pool
  • The Mediterranean wall pattern is elegant and durable. This impressive wall pattern is applied to the highest quality commercial grade steel. A finish coat of crystal clear resin is ultra-bonded to the wall providing long lasting protection and durability.
  • Top seat width: 12”
  • Upright width: 12”
  • Wall Height: 52”
  • Color: Beige
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on all Resin Parts

Available Sizes:

  • Round: 27’ *CLOSEOUT – Limited Inventory Available*

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Pool Testimonial

“As a family we cannot express enough the overwhelming thanks for the beautiful pool sitting in our backyard. The quality, expedience and professionalism by all involved have definitely over exceeded your reputation.” – Marie Kaisen