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AquaLeader Reflexion

Aboveground Pool

AquaLeader Reflextion Pool

With this newest addition to the family, AquaLeader has redefined the standards of beauty and inner strength. The high-tech Reflexion resin model offers intriguing new lines and shapes and an innovative design that’s never been seen in aboveground pools before. Each piece of the curved top seat fits precisely into the next with a fully integrated flexible joint. Your expectations are sure to be exceeded by this sleek, leading edge pool that struts its stuff with such utter elegance.


  • Top seat width: 9”
  • Upright width: 7”
  • Wall Height: 54”
  • Color: Pearl

Available Sizes:

  • Round: 21’ 24’ 27’ 30’

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Pool Testimonial

“As a family we cannot express enough the overwhelming thanks for the beautiful pool sitting in our backyard. The quality, expedience and professionalism by all involved have definitely over exceeded your reputation.” – Marie Kaisen